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Want to learn more about transgender resources offered here at the University of Arizona, and beyond? Browse through the various sections below.


Changing preferred name in UAccess to reflect in class rosters, D2L, email display names, and more.


  • Social Justice Wing
  • Resources for transgender students in Residence Life


  • At the University of Arizona
  • In the state of Arizona


For a complete map of All Gender Facilities at the University of Arizona, please visit the campus map (, click on "Health & Safety," and filter for "All Gender Restrooms" (the purple toilet icon). For details on a specific location, click on the specific icon. Some locations will have multiple bathrooms, including sex specific restrooms. In these cases, you will see some black arrows in the upper right-hand corner of the dialogue box to scroll through.

When: Mondays from 3-4:00pm
Where: Administrative Conference Room C312, Third Floor Campus Health
Cost: $5 each week (can be billed to Bursar's.) Please check in at CAPS.

This group is designed for UA students who are dealing with gender identities outside of the traditional binary system, whether transitioning from the gender assigned at birth, identifying as some combination of genders, neither gender, or questioning the role of gender in their lives. Terms such as transsexual, two-spirit, neutrois, agender, gender-queer, gender-fluid, transgender (and more) have been used to describe these identities. The low cost ($5 per group, billable to Bursar’s,) is for those who might need support and/or therapy to process their gender identity, deal with family and friends’ reactions, identify options of a transition process, and gather resources and support for issues related to gender.

For more information contact Martie van der Voort, MC, LPC at 520-621-3334 or

  • Non-discrimination and anti-harassment policy
  • Statement on restroom access


  • Transgender Awareness Week
  • Made for Flight


  • Southern Arizona Gender Alliance (SAGA)
  • National Center for Transgender Equality
  • The Trans100

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Participation involves weekly group and brief individual sessions in conjunction with daily voice practices with smartphone app (provided)

*we are recruiting adolescence and adult trans women who own an IOS (iPhone or iPad) or Android mobile app device.

Program Director: Janet L. Hawley


phone: 520-626-6073

Students may designate the pronouns they use to identify themselves. Instructors and staff are encourage to use the pronouns that people use for themselves as a sign of respect and inclusion.