In response to student demands and requests at 2019-2020 campus conversations with students, The Dean of Students Office created BEST. BEST is NOT an investigative body, rather it’s a place for students and staff to report bias experiences. BEST will track trends and inform campus leadership of these trends, along with ways to improve campus climate. BEST will also reach out to all individuals impacted by or instigating bias events, and all involved will be offered opportunities for dialogue, education, and ways to promote understanding and healing.

Bias has no place on our campus. Submit a Bias Report:

Email questions:

Campus health resources for LGBTQIAA+ indiviuals at the University of Arizona. For more information and support visit:

The University of Arizona Housing & Residential Life is committed to creating an inclusive campus housing environment for people of all genders and identities. They understand how much your living arrangements can affect your life on campus, and want to work with you to determine the best options for you.



In your housing application, you will be able to select your gender identity. If you select “Transgender/Self-identify,” you will be prompted to answer a few questions. These will help Housing to start a personal dialogue with you to help determine the best housing option for you.



Social Justice Theme Community 
Theme Community Social Justice

The Social Justice Theme Community is a space that celebrates and affirms the diverse backgrounds of all its residents. Whether ability, body size/appearance, gender identity and expression, nationality, political affiliation, sexual orientation, social class, race, religion/spirituality, or other identities, students are encouraged to bring their whole selves to Social Justice Theme Community. The community is a safe space in Pima Hall where students may discuss their differences and pluralistic identities without fear of slurs, attacks or discrimination. The community also offers the option of gender-inclusive roommate pairings, for those interested.

Open Housing 

Open Housing is intended to create a comfortable living environment for transgender and gender non-conforming residents as well as any student who wants to live with someone of a different gender. More information can be found in the Open Housing section of the Housing website.

All-gender Bathrooms

Housing offers some all-gender bathrooms in select halls: Árbol de la VidaLikins and Posada San Pedro. See hall page descriptions and floor plans for details.

For additional information or to discuss these options in more detail, please contact or 520-626-6501.

The UA Campus Pantry is located downstairs in the Student Union in the Sonora Room with the entrance across from the UA Bookstore. All you need to use the pantry is your Cat Card and a bag. The UA Campus Pantry asks no further questions or takes record of personal information. UofA students, faculty and staff are eligible to use the program and can visit the pantry 2 times a week and use the hygiene station one time a week. 

The spring 2024 hours are:  

Tuesdays from 2-6pm

Wednesdays from 11am-3pm

Fridays from 11am-3 pm  

Please bring your own bag

For more information please contact or visit their website

Follow Campus Pantry on Instagram: @uacampuspantry

The Office of Student Engagement & Career Development supports the University of Arizona to develop in-demand employable skills within and beyond the classroom, design and implement a career plan catered to personal strengths and values, and engage in experiences that expand student’s capacity to lead and solve challenges.

A guide to LGBTQ colleges that breaks down the individual components that make a campus LGBTQ-friendly. This guide is intended to help you navigate potential schools and scholarship opportunities.

Every semester the Institute for LGBT Studies publishes a list of courses with LGBT content. For an up-to-date list of courses, please visit the Institute for LGBT Studies:

Hey y ’all,

We have GREAT news! The new Survivor Advocacy website is now live!! This means that campus and community partners can now refer students to confidential advocates through the website. Please visit:

The Survivor Advocacy program provides confidential support and advocacy services to student survivors of sexual and gender-based violence. We provide advocacy and services rooted in empowerment and community-based support, are survivor-focused, and relationship-based. As a reminder, if you are a UA staff and/or faculty making a referral to Survivor Advocacy does not absolve you of your mandated duty to report incidents of sexual or gender-based violence regarding a students to Title IX. More on mandated reporting can be found here:

If you have any questions, or concerns please feel free to email or contact us at or (520) 621-5767.