Continuing our fight toward liberation, we intentionally pause this week leading up to TDOR to honor, uplift, protect, and celebrate trans folx. Trans Day of Remembrance, or Trans Day of Resilience, recognizes trans folk who have died this year due to anti-trans violence. This year, we also recognize and remember trans people who died from COVID-19, understanding that the impacts of this pandemic have disproportionately affected queer and trans people of color.

We saw this 2020 election bring a record number of queer & trans folx elected into office, including 26 openly LGBTQ+ folk in the House and Senate. We take time to celebrate the inclusion in representation of openly LGBTQ+ people in government. And we also continue to critique the system that allowed for these "firsts" to still take place in 2020. We have hope for a future where Black, Brown, queer, trans, disabled, and poor folk live long and healthy lives free from violence.