Campus Housing Options

On-Campus Housing Options

Housing & Residential Life is committed to fostering inclusive communities and recognizes the need to provide housing options that meet the diverse needs and interests of students. Your living arrangement can impact your life on campus, and we want to help you to determine the option that’s best for you.

All-Gender Bathrooms

Housing offers all-gender bathrooms in several dorms. Please see dorm descriptions and floor plans on the Housing website for locations.

Gender Inclusivity in the Housing Application

While you may provide your gender identity in the housing application, it is not a consideration in room assignments. Room assignments are based on students’ preferred room gender. Housing provides three room genders for students: Open Housing rooms, Female rooms and Male rooms.

  • Open Housing rooms accommodate students interested in living with someone of a different gender identity and/or where gender is not a consideration in room assignments. Open Housing rooms are available in most dorms.
  • Female rooms accommodate female students together. Female rooms are available in all dorms.
  • Male rooms accommodate male students together. Male rooms are available in most dorms.

Interest-Based Theme/Cluster Communities

You may apply to live in a Theme or Cluster Community. Theme/Cluster Communities are wings/floors or clusters of rooms on a wing/floor within several dorms where you can live with other students who share similar personal or academic interests and goals. Residents of any dorm may select these groups, without needing to reside in a specific dorm location.

Theme Communities are partnerships between Housing & Residential Life and a college, department or program. The sponsoring college/department/program will select the students for their community.

Cluster Communities are clusters of rooms on a wing/floor within some dorms where you can live with other students who have similar interests in the purposes for each cluster. Current examples include Gender Inclusive Housing and ROTC.

Gender Inclusive Housing

Housing & Residential Life offers Gender Inclusive Housing (GIH) in cluster communities that provide a safe and supportive living space for transgender, gender non-conforming, and questioning students. GIH provides a supportive and inclusive living environment where a student can room with any other student, regardless of sex, gender, gender/identity expression, or sexual orientation. GIH rooms are clustered together within a wing or floor in some dorms. Assignment to a cluster community is based on availability. All rooms in GIH cluster communities are Open Housing rooms.

For additional information or to discuss these options in more detail, please contact Housing Assignment Services at or 520-621-6501.