Campus Resources


Adalberto & Ana Guerrero Student Center

(520) 621-5627
The Guerrero Student Center's mission 
is to support students to achieve academic and personal excellence by shaping a safe and inclusive campus environment through culturally affirming programs and events that cultivate a sense of belonging, build community, encourage critical reflection, and develop students’ as learners, leaders, professionals and engaged citizens.


African American Student Affairs

(520) 621-3419
African American Student Affairs facilitates a support system that helps students achieve academic excellence and an enriching African American cultural experience at the University of Arizona.


Asian Pacific American Student Affairs

(520) 621-3481
Asian Pacific American Student Affairs promotes student success for the diverse East Asian, Southeast Asian, Pacific Islander, and Desi or South Asian American communities on campus.


Campus Health

(520) 621-6490 

After Hours:(520) 570-7898
Campus Health Service has provided convenient, quality medical care for over 90 years to all UA students enrolled in at least one unit of academic credit.Services include urgent care, general medicine, counseling and psychological services, pharmacy, laboratory, x-ray, women’s health, physical therapy, nutrition counseling, acupuncture, massage, health promotion and preventives services. No insurance required.

STD TestingIf you have questions, call and speak with a health educator at Campus Health: (520) 621-4967

PEP, PrEP, and HIV: Taking antiretroviral drugs can help lower the risk of acquiring HIV in certain circumstances.  There are two protocols currently available:  Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) and Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP). Both are available at the UA Campus Health Service and elsewhere in the community. 


Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

(520) 621-3334
CAPS offers psychological counseling to students to help them cope with personal problems so that they can successfully achieve their educational goals. Licensed professionals provide brief treatment for anxiety, depression, difficulties with relationships, family problems, food/body image concerns, alcohol and drug concerns, ADHD, life crises and other issues.


Dean of Students - Student Assistance

(520) 621-7057
The Program Coordinators for Student Assistance assists students who face complex issues and crises that could affect their ability to remain successful. The Student Assistance staff connects students with critical resources and networks, makes appropriate referrals, and educates students on relevant policies, procedures, and administrative options. If you or someone you know is dealing with a crisis, or if you are concerned about a student’s well-being, contact the Student Assistance staff!


Disability Resource Center

(520) 621.3268
The Disability Resource Center is designated by the University to lead our community in the creation of welcoming and inclusive campus environments.


Ethics and Compliance Hotline

(866) 364-1908
The UA Ethics and Compliance Hotline program provides a reporting mechanism and enhances existing programs on campus. The program assures that employees, guests, students or members of the general public having concerns about perceived ethics and compliance violations can express their concerns to a non-University party anonymously and have those concerns addressed by the appropriate University officer or unit. However, the hotline should not be used to report emergencies, crimes or situations placing the caller or someone else in imminent danger. These activities should be reported immediately to The University of Arizona Police Department (UAPD) by dialing 911 on campus.


Institute for LGBT Studies

(520) 626-3431
The mission of the University of Arizona Institute for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies is to educate the citizens of Arizona by developing curriculum, promoting research, and presenting public programming addressing the histories, politics, and cultures of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people and the diverse scholarship on sexuality. Has a listserv to announce events.


LGBTQ Community Council


The LGBTQ Council is a group of community members that work collaboratively with university leadership with the goal of promoting the well-being of all gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer identified people and those affected by discrimination based on gender identity and expression. The Council provides community support to create a safe and inclusive environment for UA.


Native American Student Affairs

(520) 621-3835
Native American Student Affairs provides culturally sensitive academic counseling and support services to American Indian/Alaskan Native students enabling them to achieve academic excellence.


Oasis Program

The Oasis Program was established to provide a variety of free and confidential services to UA
students, staff, and faculty (men, women, and transgendered persons) who are impacted by sexual
assault, relationship violence, and stalking. The Oasis Program is a unit of Campus Health Service
and is an active partner with Tucson community service agencies. Together with our campus and community partners we strive to provide coordinated responses to, and work toward the prevention of, all forms of interpersonal violence.


Office of Institutional Equity

(520) 621-9449
The University of Arizona is committed to creating and maintaining a work and learning environment that is safe, inclusive and free of discriminatory conduct prohibited by the Nondiscrimination and Anti-harassment Policy. At the Office of Institutional Equity (OIE), we lead efforts to promote and uphold this policy and its goals, foster equity and opportunity, strengthen relationships across diverse groups, and support a campus culture of equality for all members of the University community.


Omsbuds Program

(520) 626-5589
The Ombuds Program was established to create a climate on the University campus which provides employees and students with an option other than formal grievance procedures to resolve disputes. It was formed on the belief that by providing alternative modes of dispute resolution, other than lengthy, internal grievance procedures or costly litigation, the quality of the University environment as experienced by faculty, academic professionals, classified staff, administrative staff, students, and members of the public, would be enhanced.


OUTReach is an advocacy and networking organization for LGBT faculty, staff & graduate students at the University
of Arizona. The goal of OUTReach is to achieve a campus climate which fosters the careers of LGBT faculty and
academic professionals and the education of LGBT students. Has a listserv to facilitate communication among


Peterson HIV Clinics

(520) 694-8888
Petersen HIV Clinics provides comprehensive care for HIV/AIDS patients in southern Arizona. With the support of the Ryan White Program, all eligible HIV-positive patients can receive primary care at reduced or no cost. Be assured of comprehensive HIV/AIDS care at the University of Arizona. Services provided under this program include: adherence counseling, advocacy, clinical/medical management of HIV/AIDS, antiretroviral therapies, ongoing primary care, infectious diseases specialty care, education, and resource referrals.


Step Up Training Program

(520) 621-5339
Have you ever been concerned about a situation and wanted to help but didn't? You're not alone. This situation is more common than you might think, and is known as the bystander effect. STEP UP! is a comprehensive bystander intervention program that will teach you strategies for effective helping.


UA LGBTQ Community Council      
The UA LGBTQ Community Council strengthens the relationships between the University and the LGBTQ communities within the State of Arizona by serving as a communications conduit and by developing mutually-beneficial partnerships. Council members collaborate with UA leadership on matters of importance to LGBTQ communities as they relate to the University of Arizona. Please email your questions, suggestions, or comments.


Women's Resource Center

(520) 621-3919
The WRC is a nondiscriminatory organization devoted to providing resources, information, and programming to the University of Arizona community. We are a collective of feminist, social-justice oriented, activist individuals who are dedicated to raising awareness about issues that impact women and other marginalized groups, working to eradicate these oppressions, and serving as a Center for meaningful collaborations among people working for social justice.