Transgender Resources



Want to learn more about transgender resources offered here at the University of Arizona, and beyond? Browse through the various sections below:


Gender Confirming Healthcare 

  • "Transgender Benefit" for access to medically necessary, gender-confirming healthcare. 
  • Aetna's Trans Benefit: Top Surgery

Use of Chosen or Preferred Names

  • Changing preferred name in UAcess to reflect in class rosters, D2L, email display names, and more. 

On-Campus Housing Options

  • Social Justice Wing
  • Resources for transgender students in Residence Life

Name and Gender Change

  • At the University of Arizona
  • In the state of Arizona

List of Gender Inclusive Facilities

Gender Spectrum Support Group

Relevant Policies

  • Non-discrimination and anti-harassment policy
  • Statement on restroom access

Campus and Community Events

  • Transgender Awareness Week
  • Made for Flight

Local and National Resources

  • Southern Arizona Gender Alliance (SAGA)
  • National Center for Transgender Equality
  • The Trans100

Recommended Media