Rainbow Graduation

Please fill out this form to include your information in the 2020 Rainbow Graduation Queerbook (digital yearbook), in lieu of the Rainbow Graduation ceremony this spring. The Queerbook is a digital celebration intended to recognize the achievements of underrepresented sexual and/or gender identity(ies) at the UA and is open to all graduating undergraduates, graduates, or professional school students (including allies)!

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The Queerbook will be shared with all graduates participating in this year’s Rainbow Graduation in a digital format by the end of May at the latest (and sooner if we can). There are many faculty, staff, students and community members who are also celebrating your accomplishments and would love the opportunity to celebrate you as well. We fully understand the need for confidentiality in our community and are committed to not sharing your information anywhere you are not comfortable. Please let us know if you give permission to share your content on any of the following platforms, such as:
Rainbow Cords
We hope to be able to mail rainbow cords at a future time, please let us know an address you would be able to receive a piece of physical mail from the LGBTQ Resource Center in the future:
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