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Jen Hoefle Olson
Director for LGBTQ Affairs

Jen Hoefle Olson is the Director for LGBTQ Affairs through the Dean of Students Office. She earned a Master of Arts in Applied Sociology from Northern Arizona University in 2001. She has over fifteen years experience in higher education as both a faculty member and a student affairs professional. She was an adjunct faculty member for five years at NAU where, among other courses, she taught a Sociology of Sexuality and a special topics course in Race, Class and Gender. Since 2007 she has served the University of Arizona campus. She was the Program Director for Social Justice Education...

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Manuel Rodriguez

Manuel Rodriguez earned his Master of Arts in Communication, Technology, and Society from Clemson University in 2017, where his research focused on Institutional Discourse of Inclusion regarding Latino and LGBTQ students’ perceptions of inclusion messages. An emphasis on the importance of acknowledging and addressing intersectional identities guided his prior research on representation of minority groups in media within the United States and will guide his work as a LGBTQ Program Coordinator at the University of Arizona. He is passionate about social justice and is intent on furthering...

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Deanna Lewis
Internship Coordinator Graduate Assistant

Deanna Lewis is a Renaissance woman.  At the age of 21 Lewis made history as the first woman firefighter in the history of the Tucson Fire Department (TFD). Public service and access to her community as an emergency responder taught her the value of teamwork and cultivating relationships. A graduate of Stanford’s Primary Care Associate Program Deanna has been a physician assistant for thirteen years. Her emphasis in health care has always been medically under-served patient...

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Yesenia Andrade
Ally Development Graduate Assistant

Yesenia Andrade will be taking on the role of Ally Development Graduate Assistant for LGBTQ Affairs in Fall 2017. She is originally from Chicago but has resided in Tucson, AZ for the past 6 years. She received her Bachelors of Architecture from Syracuse University and the knowledge on designing the physical space has greatly impacted her research interest. Wanting to focus her career to her Mexican immigrant community she decided to get her Masters of Science in Mexican American Studies with an emphasis in Health and Wellness. She is now completing her PhD in Geography and Development. Her...

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Brigette Villaseñor
SpeakOUT Representative

Brigette Villaseñor is a junior studying Film/TV and Gender & Women’s Studies. This is her second year working with the center. This year she is working as the center’s SpeakOUT representative. She loves photography, watching movies, and eating food. Her passion is to create better representation in film, media, and art. The LGBTQ Center has been a safe space for her to work and make friends in.

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Sabrina Etcheverry
Pride Alliance Co-Director

Sabrina Etcheverry is a senior studying Business Economics, Psychology, and Pre-Law. After four semesters as an intern, this is her first semester as Co-director and she couldn't be more excited. Sabrina enjoys debating politics, getting a tea at the Leaf or coffee at Luce, and loves to cook and going to UA sporting events (Bear Down!). Pride has created a safe and loving space and connected her with such amazing people; she hopes she can help do the same for...

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Kyrra Kahler
Pride Alliance Co-Director

Kyrra Kahler is a senior majoring in Public Health with a minor in Gender and Women's Studies. After working with Pride Alliance as an intern for the past four semesters, Kyrra is excited to work as a Pride Alliance Co-Director for the 2017-2018 school year. Along with social justice and activism, Kyrra enjoys playing with their cat, Luna, rereading/rewatching Harry Potter...

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