Safe Zone Special Request Form

Thank you for your interest in scheduling a Safe Zone Training - we look forward to working with you! Please submit this form a minimum of 30 days prior to your first requested workshop date (even if we have fulfilled past requests). The sooner we have your request, the more likely we can fulfill it.*

If you do not have confirmed dates for your event/request, please include any tentative or possible dates to ensure the greatest flexibility.

Responsibilities of the Safe Zone coordinator include:

  1. Contacting you within a week of receiving this request to say we are working to find facilitators for your training or that we will be unable to fulfill your request at this time.

  2. If necessary, work with you to tailor the training to the needs of your department, organization, or class.

  3. Confirm the details of the training with you once we have secured facilitators.

  4. Provide materials to be printed a week prior to the trainings.

Responsibilities of the contact person include:

  1. Ensure the training has a minimum of 15 confirmed participants and advertise training to your intended audience.

  2. Secure a space for the training, including a computer, AV equipment, projector, and speakers.

  3. Print training materials for all participants (once they have been emailed you).

  4. Provide snacks and beverages if desired.

If you have questions about this form or about the request process, please contact the Graduate Assistant for Ally Development at

Contact Person
Example: (000)000-0000
Presentation Information
Please list the proposed dates/times and location(s) of the presentation(s)
*Please note: Panels are composed of a cadre of generous volunteers who share their stories so attendees can connect with the LGBTQ experience. Thus, even with 30 days notice, we cannot guarantee that we can fulfill your request until we secure these volunteers. We promise to do so as soon as possible. We honor requests on a first come, first serve basis, and we work hard to fulfill as many requests as possible. Thank you in advance for your understanding.
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