Role of Director

The Program Director of LGBTQ Affairs works to build, sustain and strengthen a safe, inclusive, and open environment for faculty, staff, appointed professionals, students, alumni, parents, and guests of all gender identities and sexual orientations. The Program Director facilitates collaborations, serves as a campus resource, provides training on LGBTQ issues, actively engages in outreach, advocates, conducts research, and provides support to existing LGBTQ staff, faculty, appointed professionals, students and student groups.  The Program Director will provide direction for all campus LGBTQ groups.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Provide leadership to and serve as a resource and referral agent to the members of the LGBTQ community.

  • Build collaborative relationships and foster partnerships with the leadership and members of LGBTQ student and community organizations.

  • Promote an environment of affirmation and support for LGBTQ community members working in close partnership with the Cultural Centers, ASUA Student Government, the Institute on LGBT Studies, Dean of Students Office, Diversity Resource Office, UA Human Resources, and others.

  • Provide guidance to new and existing LGBTQ student groups on the development of their organizations.

  • Directly advise Pride Alliance, the largest LGBTQ student organization on campus.

  • Serve on the President's LGBT Advisory Council.

  • Develop, coordinate, and deliver training opportunities for campus community, departments, faculty, staff, and students to gain knowledge of LGBTQ issues.

  • Participate in outreach to new students at New Student Orientation, Wildcat Welcome, and other campus-wide student events.

  • Provide leadership to ensure that critical programs are in place to support LGBTQ student success.

  • Serve as a resource and provide information to faculty, staff, students and outside community agencies to facilitate programs, support services, and advocacy.

  • Work closely with campus and community groups to plan Coming Out Week, Transgender Awareness Week, and other educational and leadership activities.

  • Serve as a resource for students going through gender transition or who are coming out.

  • Summarize current literature, research, and information related to LGBTQ topics; perform assessment on LGBTQ campus needs and issues; and conduct benchmarking with peer institutions with LGBTQ offices.

  • Maintain a current knowledge of university policies, programs, and educational programs that relate to LGBTQ issues in collaboration with the Diversity Resource Office.

  • Direct activities of the office including budget development and oversight and the selection, training, activity coordination, and evaluation of student assistants and programmatic interns.

  • Serve on campus-wide committees to advocate, educate, and assist with the development of programs, policies, procedures.

  • Serve on committees and represent LGBTQ affairs to university partners as needed or assigned.