October 1st Newsletter

Welcome to the October 1th, 2017 Newsletter! Take a look at some events and opportunities happening on campus and in the community!

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LGBTQ Affairs

Current Events & News



LGBTQ Affairs

Special Events​​

  1. Bruising for Besos, Oct. 18th
  2. Community Council Listening Session, Oct. 18th


Continuing Series​​

  1. Support Group
  2. AROspACE Meetings, every Mon
  3. Safezone Training
  4. QTPOC + 2 Spirit Art & Healing, every Wed
  5. Campus Pantry, Every Friday



  1. University of Arizona's Statement on Restroom Access
  2. Queering Teacher Education Across Context
  3. Out and Proud Ad, Oct. 2nd
  4. Meet Your Major, Oct. 4th
  5. UAHS LGBTQ+ Interest Group 2017-2018 Series
  6. First Cats Mixer, Oct. 5th
  7. Big Dream Gathering, Oct. 18
  8. Indigenous People's Day, Oct. 9th
  9. Museum of Art Workshop Oct. 9th
  10. UAHS LGBTQ+ Interest Group 2017-2018 Series



  1. Conozca Sus Derechos / Know Your Rights
  2.  Art Show, Oct 7
  3. Southern Arizona Senior Pride, Oct 12


  1. HED 350 Tier 2 Gen. Ed.
  2. Trans Studies les Americas
  3. Advocats Sign-Up
  4. Join Spring Fling 
  5. SAGA Position
  6. AWARDSS Project
  7. Spring 2018 Congressional Office Internship





  1. Cambridge Survey on Gender Minority Adults
  2. Online Dating Preference


LGBTQ Affairs Special Events

1. Bruising for Besos, Oct. 18th

Lesbian Looks presents BRUISING FOR BESOS, Oct 18 at the Loft

Mark your calendar for the opening film of our 24th annual season!

Bruising for Besos (Adelina Anthony, 2016)


Loft Cinema, 7pm
FREE admission

IN PERSON:  filmmaker Adelina Anthony

Bruising for Besos is an intimate character study of YOLI—a charismatic and complicated Xicana lesbian making family in a Queer and

Trans People Of Color (QTPOC) suburban Los Angeles scene. She’s an artist at heart, and along with her best friend, RANI, makes do with a mundane job. One night she pursues DAÑA, an alluring Puerto Rican woman. This romance upends her seemingly calm life as Yoli soon finds herself recreating a tumultuous past.

Chicana filmmaker Adelina Anthony will be on hand for a Q&A following the film.  There will also be an accompanying scholarly panel on her work at the Thinking It’s Presence conference at the Poetry Center from the 19-21st.  More info to follow.

Co-Sponsors:  Lesbian Looks Film and Video Series, Faculty Fellows Program, LGBTQ Resource Center, Guerrero Student Center, Common Ground Alliance, Department of Mexican American Studies, Department of Gender and Women’s Studies.                     

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1. Community Council Listening Session, Oct. 18th

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Continuing Series

1. Support Groups

We work with many organizations across campus to offer support groups for LGBTQ identified students.
We are committed to helping you find the support you need. Here are our current groups:

LGBTQA Support Group
During Fall 2016, this group will meet every Tuesday from 4-5:30pm in room 412 of the Student Union from August 30 2016 to December 6th. This group is a safe space for UA students, staff and faculty to talk in an open and supportive environment about issues impacting their lives and the the LGBTQ and Allied community. This group is facilitated by LGBTQ staff to provide resources and guidance. It is free and confidential. For more information, contact Martie van der Voort at mvanderv@email.arizona.edu or 621-3334.

Gender Spectrum Support Group
This group will meet every Monday during the school year from 3-4:00pm. Check in at CAPS, third floor of the Campus Health Building,

This group is designed for UA students who are dealing with gender identities outside of the traditional binary system, whether transitioning from the gender assigned at birth, identifying as some combination of genders, neither gender, or questioning the role of gender in their lives. Terms such as transsexual, two-spirit, neutroisagender, gender-queer, gender-fluid, transgender (and more) have been used to describe these identities. The low cost ($5 per group,  billable to Bursar’s,) is for those who might need support and/or therapy to process their gender identity, deal with family and friends’ reactions, identify options of a transition process, and gather resources and support for issues related to gender. For more information, contact Martie van der Voort at mvanderv@email.arizona.edu or 621-3334.

There are also many groups within the community.
Please feel free to schedule a meeting with Jennifer Hoefle Olson, LGBTQ Affairs Director, to help figure out what group is best for you.


2. AROspACE Meetings Every Monday


An Aromantic and Asexual Discussion Group

Every other Tuesday, 5:30pm

CSIL Conference Room, 4th floor of the student union

Starts Sept. 12th

For any questions you may have, email arospaceua@gmail.com

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3. Safe Zone Workshops 


Safe Zone is in the process of being digitized! Because of this process, we will not be offering regular workshops for the rest of the semester. To request a group training, please see the information below.

To request a training specifically for your department, group, or student organization please submit the Safe Zone Training Request Form at least 30 days before your event.




4. QTPOC + 2 Spirit Art & Healing


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5. Campus Pantry, Every Friday

Campus Pantry is open every Friday from 11am-1pm!
If you are facing the information desk  in the Student Union (located next to the UMart across from the UA Bookstore), take a left down the stairs and follow the "UA Campus Pantry" signs.

All details can be confirmed through their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/uacampuspantry/


1. University of Arizona's Statement on Restroom Access

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2. Queering Teacher Education Across Contexts

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3. Sign up for our Out and Proud Ad, Oct. 2nd

UA Community,

We are hosting the 11th Annual “Out and Proud” Ad Project as a part of Coming Out Week 2017. This is a four-page center spread in the Daily Wildcat celebrating the out and proud LGBTQA+ and Allied members of our university. We need you to help us reach our goal of beating last year's 1000 published names! Please send your name in today and get all your friends and colleagues to as well. We are especially hoping to collect the names of more allies than ever. It's very meaningful to publish your name as an LGBTQA+ Faculty, Staff, Student or Ally so that we can continue to foster an inclusive environment on campus. Thank you in advance for making such a bold statement and including your name in this year’s Out & Proud List!

The heading of the ad will read: “We are your friends, classmates, professors, colleagues, co-workers, and health care providers, and we are OUT and PROUD. We are just a few of the talented and committed lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, asexual, and allied (LGBTQA+ and allied) individuals who contribute to the diversity and success of the UA community. We invite you to join us in celebrating Coming Out Week 2017!”

This will be followed by an OUT List with your names, titles and departmental information. There will be separate sections for Faculty/Staff, Students, Alumni, and Allies.

Please submit your name and information to this unprecedented effort no later than Monday, October 2nd by noon. To sign up, please click here

If you have submitted your name in the past, we ask that you submit it again (we know it can be annoying to submit it every year, but we have to recollect names annually in case folks no longer are able to be “out” or their status changes). It's important because we have new people on campus, and it also helps us make this list the biggest yet! 

Thanks in advance for your support, and keep an eye out on Wednesday, October 11th for the spread in the Daily Wildcat :) 

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4. Meet your Major, Oct. 4th



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5. UAHS LGBTQ+ Interest Group 2017-2018 Series

UAHS LGBTQ+ Interest Group 2017-2018 Series

Save The Date!
We invite you to attend the UAHS LGBTQ+ Interest Group 2017-2018 Series of programs sponsored by UAHS Office of Diversity and Inclusion. Our mission is to support and provide a safe, accepting, inclusive, and respectful environment for our LGBTQ+ Health Science Community and allies.  We welcome you to attend the following events:
Oct. 17 from Noon-1 p.m., Kiewit Auditorium:         
Steve Kilar, MJ, JD, Communications Director, American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona will discuss LGBTQ people’s rights related to healthcare and legal, policy, and social impediments to accessible and equal care.
Nov. 14 from Noon-1 p.m., UA College of Medicine - Tucson, Room 2117:        
Camouflage Closet Film - a short documentary film about trauma and recovery among nine Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Veterans. The film was created as a community-based participatory art project with the goal of increasing awareness among medical providers, Veterans, and LGBT communities regarding their unique experiences of serving under LGBT-related military policies, such as “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT) and the current ban on transgender military service.
Dec. 14 from 5-7:30 p.m., TBD                     
UAHS LGBTQ+ Interest Group Networking Event – Meet our group and other allies.  We want to hear from you about ways to continue our work in providing safe, supportive, inclusive and welcoming environment for all on our UAHS campus.  Enjoy light refreshments, connections and conversations. 
Feb. 15 from Noon-1 p.m., Kiewit Auditorium:            
Andrew Cronyn, MD, FAAP, provides affirming, respectful, and quality healthcare to the Pediatric and Adult Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming communities.  He will discuss the Transgender Youth Program at El Rio and the healthcare transformation to LGBTQ Affirming, patient centered care.
March 28 from Noon-1 p.m., Kiewit Auditorium:        
Sandy Davenport, LMSW, Caregiver Specialist at Pima Council on Aging (PCOA) provides Cultural Responsiveness Training with Project Visibility – Reducing Invisibly of LGBT Seniors in Health and Care Settings.
We are grateful to you for embracing Diversity and Inclusion and making The University of Arizona’s –Health Sciences campus a place of excellence for all.   We look forward to seeing you at our events.
Gloria Guzman, MD
Jerry Perry, MLS
Lydia Kennedy, MEd
Alejandra Zapien-Hidalgo, MD
Contact Jerry Perry for more information at jerryperry@email.arizona.edu or (520) 621-8132

6. First Cats Mixer, Oct. 5th

1st Cats Mixer - The University of Arizona’s first-gen community is represented in every facet of campus life – from classrooms to cultural centers, playing fields to research labs, behind a desk or up on stage – there are students, faculty and staff who are proud to be the first in their family to attend college. We invite you to join us in recognizing the valuable contributions of our first-gen community, or as we like to say, 1st Cats. This event will launch the UA’s first-gen visibility campaign to bring attention to and support for the diverse community that makes our Wildcat family so special. We can’t wait to see you there! Thursday, October 5th from 2:30pm to 4:00pm in the Student Union Memorial Center, Sonora Room (lower level, previously The Cellar). Click here to RSVP.

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7. Big Dream Gathering, Oct. 18th 


WHEN: Wednesday, October 18th at 6 pm to 8 p,

WHERE: Ballroom, Student Union Memorial Center

WHO: Open to all students, staff, and faculty

HOW MUCH: Free (first 100 people receive a free book too!)

Dreams come in all sizes, whether small victories to creating a vast enterprise. Nevertheless, they have one thing in common: they can still feel pretty big and unwieldy when you’re trying to make them happen. If you do know what you want, how do you get started? If you don’t know what you want, how do you get started?

It starts with giving yourself permission and The BIG Dream Gathering, on Wednesday, October 18 in the SUMC Grand Ballroom, sponsored by American Family Insurance and hosted by Student Engagement & Career Development.

Founded by Mitch Matthews by accident in his living room, The BIG Dream Gathering is a movement of people giving themselves permission to dream and helping each other achieve those dreams. It’s also an opportunity to learn from and inspire each other, where everyone – whether students, faculty, or community members, are all on the same level as dreamers.

The BIG Dream Gathering is a dynamic and inspiring event that helps you become CLEAR ON YOUR GOALS AND DREAMS for your career and life.  It will kick off with a welcome and keynote from Mitch Matthews, Co-founder of the BIG Dream Gathering.  He’ll share proven strategies and inspiring stories to help people dream bigger, build plans that work and network more effectively. Then you will get the chance to Dream BIG!

People who’ve attended BIG Dream Gatherings have gone on to achieve dream internships and jobs, launch companies and nonprofits, write best-selling books and travel the world… all because they gave themselves permission to get clear on their dreams and receive encouragement to make them happen. 

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8. Indigenous People's Day, Oct. 9th


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9. Museum of Art Workshop Oct. 9th

The University of Arizona Museum of Art and the ARE 633: Issues and Recent Research in Art and Visual Culture Education class at the UA. We would like to invite LGBTQIA+ Elders and Youth to an intergenerational series of workshops. 
The goal of this project is to bridge the gap between the LGBTQIA+ youth and elder population. This program gives LGBTQIA+ youth agency to work with elders on how to create a "book" through shared narratives and storytelling in hopes of creating meaningful connections and cultivating empathy. There is potential for these objects to be exhibited in the museum.
Workshop date/time for Youth: October 9th from 5:30-7pm (Pizza will be provided!) We will teach youth techniques in book/zine-making so that they can facilitate the workshops for Elders.
Workshop dates/times for BOTH Youth and Elders are: 10/16 and 10/23 from 5:30-7pm
All workshops will begin at the University of Arizona Museum of Art.
My hope is that you will help us spread the work to anyone you know who identifies as an LGBTQIA+ Elder or Youth.
Please contact Eli Burke at eliburke@email.arizona.edu for more information or to sign-up for this FREE program.

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10. UAHS LGBTQ+ Interest Group 2017-2018, Oct. 17th

UAHS LGBTQ+ Interest Group 2017-2018 Series

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Noon - 1 P.M.

Kiewit Auditorium


Steve Kilar, MJ, JD

Communications Director, American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona (ACLU)

Before joining the ACLU, Steve was a reporter at The Baltimore Sun and an attorney in New York City. He studied English at Brown University, received a law degree from the University of Michigan Law School and then earned a master's in journalism from the University of Maryland, College Park. He is currently a doctoral student in journalism and mass communication at Arizona State University.

Steve will provide an overview of recent legal developments that have particular importance to LGBTQ people and address the current state of the Affordable Care Act’s gender identity nondiscrimination protections.

We invite you to attend the UAHS LGBTQ+ Interest Group 2017-2018 Series of programs sponsored by UAHS Office of Diversity and Inclusion. Our mission is to support and provide a safe, accepting, inclusive, and respectful environment for our LGBTQ+ Health Science Community and allies. Click here for more information on future series.

Please join us and RSVP:

RSVP-UAHS LGBTQ+ Interest Group Oct. 17

Contact Lydia Kennedy for more information at lkkennedy@medadmin.arizona.edu or (520) 626-2490


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Community Events


1. Conozca Sus Derechos / Know Your Rights


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2. Art Show, Oct 7

Have any of you noticed how rare it is to be able to view Lesbian "out" images made by lesbians in galleries, museums...or local craft/art shows?  They're just not "OUT" there! I've been trying to exhibit my "OUT" Lesbian art for more than 40 years... it continues to be a struggle against homophobic gallery owners ...yes...even in the art world, homophobia exists!! 
Just think... when was the last time you saw art images of two, female lovers in an art exhibit? (maybe never?)
Womankraft Art Center has included a very large oil painting titled "DUO" (by Lorraine Inzalaco) portraying two, female lovers reclining on their bed! 
This is huge progress especially in this political climate!! WE need to celebrate this!
attend the art reception Sat. Oct. 7th, 7-10pm 
You'll view everyone's wonderful art ....and also see "DUO" ...and very importantly you'll be supporting all-inclusive art venues! 
I hope you come join us  ...and besides I'd like to say "thanks" to you in person.
Yours For Visibility And Change©
Lorraine Inzalaco
Showing "DUO" life-size oil on canvas in a group exhibit @ Womankraft Art Center
388 So. Stone Ave
Reception Sat Oct.7, 7-10pm
Exhibit is currently open and will continue thru Oct 28 
Gallery hours are 1:00-5:-00 PM Wednesday-Saturday. 

All are very welcomed!

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3. Southern Arizona Senior Pride, Oct 21th


1. HED 350 Tier 2 Gen. Ed.

Enroll in HED 350 and share your college experiences with middle school students in Tucson!  This course is a Tier 2 Gen Ed and qualifies for the 100% Engagement Designation on your transcript.
Please view this link for a short video made by one of our SOAR Mentors:  https://www.facebook.com/UAProjectSOAR/videos/1253855057988942/

Higher Education 350: STUDENT OUTREACH, ACCESS, & RESILIENCY IN EDUCATION - Mondays & Wednesdays 3-4:15pm

This course will introduce students to the role of individual, cultural, social and environmental factors that affect student academic achievement and the path to higher education in the United States. Students will be exposed to literature and discussions that will allow them to analyze the major theories and research conducted in the areas of college access, outreach, academic achievement, and resiliency.

The Service-Learning component of this course (known as Project SOAR) exposes students to these various factors first-hand as they serve as mentors to students at middle schools in Tucson. Students will bring their experience back to the classroom to enhance and refine their understanding of the course topics, and provide a local angle on the theories and literature discussed in-class. 

"My Brother's Keeper" HED 350 Sec. 001D 
Fall 2017 Monday & Wednesday 3pm-4:15pm 
Available on UAccess! 

This course is a section of Project SOAR that offers undergraduate students the opportunity to mentor local Tucson middle school students. This section focuses on the growing concern regarding postsecondary destinations of young males. Students enrolled in this course will learn about social and environmental factors that affect their mentees.

Project SOAR mentors said:

Best part about mentoring was

            ...working with my buddy who didn’t speak English. Breaking the language barrier was a great experience.

            ...seeing the smiles and joy from the mentees when we arrived on campus.

            ...being able to make a difference in their lives.

            ...each of my mentees now has college aspirations and a brighter view of what college has to offer them.

            ...I truly believe that this program has helped me just as much—if not more—than helping the students that I worked with. 

“My relationship with my mentee is the most important thing I gained from this experience...it is incredible to feel that you can make a difference.”

“My dream career is still to be a teacher. This class has only reinforced my want to be a teacher that makes a difference and advocates for the students. As a future teacher, I hope to incorporate my students’ lives into the classroom and

provide ways for them to connect and get excited about learning.”

Mentees said:

“Thank you for helping me with my homework and just talking to me.”

“Thank you for helping me pick a school.”

“Thank you for mentoring me and talking to me about college.”





If you have any questions please email at mairwin@arizona.edu 


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2. Call for Papers: Trans Studies en las Americas

"Trans studies en las Americas" calls for papers that center Latin American, Caribbean, and Latinix trans theoretical, ethnographic, political, and artistic production. We anticipate for critical reflections, and localization histories grounded in performance, cultural production, artistic practices, public policy debates, human rights discourse, and activism. The editors will accept texts in Spanish, Portuguese, and English. Articles written in other languages in the hemisphere will be accepted pending available editing and translation resources. All accepted papers wil be translated into English and published into TSQ.  To Honor each articles's language of submission,  accepted articles will also be available in their original language through TSQ's website. In the spirit of recognizing and valuing the academic labor of translation, we encourage anyone interested in contributing as a translator to contact us. All translators will be credited for their work.

Deadline for submissions is February 1, 2018. The expected length for scholarly articles is  5000 to 7000 words and 1000 to 2000 words in shorter works. All manuscripts should be prepared for anonymous peer review with scholarly citations in Chicago author-date citation style. The guest editors will respond to submissions by June 2018.  Final revisions will be due August 1, 2018. TSQ accepts submissions without regard to academic affiliation or rank; artists, activists, and graduate students are also welcome to submit materials for consideration.

To submit a manuscript, please visit http://www.editorialmanager.com/tsq. Please note that TSQ does not accept simultaneous submissions. Manuscripts proposed for this issue cannot be submitted elsewhere until editorial decisions are sent out in June 2018. If this is your first time using Editorial Manager, please register first, then proceed with submitting your manuscript. You may address any technical or formatting queries to tsqjournal@gmail.com. All manuscripts should be double-spaced, including quotations and endnotes, and blinded throughout. Please include an abstract (150 words or less), keywords (3-5 for indexing), and a brief author’s biographical note (50 words or less) at the time of initial submission. See: http://www.dukeupress.edu/Assets/Downloads/TSQ_sg.pdf for a detailed style guide. If you have questions specific to this special issue, please contact the guest editors at tsqamericas@gmail.com.

TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly is a peer review journal co-edited by Paisley Currah and Susan Stryker and published by Duke University Press with editorial offices at the University of Arizona’s Institute for LGBT Studies. To learn more about the journal and see calls for papers for other issues, visit: http://lgbt.arizona.edu/tsq-main.


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3. Adovocats Sign-Up

This week we are going live with AdvoCats! AdvoCats is an organization that allows students the opportunity to advocate for issues that pertain to them. AdvoCats is also a platform that we here in ASUA can use in order to better advocate for the students that we represent. 

The main goal of AdvoCats for this semester is to reach out to the student community to find issues that they are facing. We then in turn will try to figure ways we can address these issues either as a Student Government or how we can take these issues to the state legislature. We will have different sessions to learn also about issues that the University’s Federal Relations Department is working on. Secondly we will be given information about how to advocate and speak with legislators. Lastly by signing up you will be given the opportunity to attend different events at the state capitol (Including “Cat’s at the Capitol”). You will be given the opportunity throughout the spring semester to drive up to the state capitol and meet with individual legislators and discuss the issues that students are facing here on campus. 

You will also have the opportunity to travel to Washington D.C. in April to kick off our National Advocacy Day and meet with the Arizona Delegation and discuss with them the issues of Higher Education and the importance it plays in the state and it’s economic well-being. I look forward to working with all of you this year and setting a strong foundation for AdvoCats to continue for years to come and Bear Down!

 Here is the link for AdvoCat’s Sign-Up if you could include this in the email and encourage all the sign-up this week:


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4. Join Spring Fling Team

Apply to The University of Arizona Spring Fling Street Team! This group of dedicated students will help put on this fantastic event for all of the university and individuals in the Tucson community. You will get the chance to help out the Spring Fling Directors in areas such as marketing, entertainment, and guest relations during the fall and spring semester. Spring Fling 2018 will be held on the UA Mall from Friday, April 13- Sunday, April 15, 2018.  This fun filled experience will make for a great experience at The UA. Click on the link to apply and make sure to submit your application by Friday, October 6th. 
If you have any questions feel free to contact me at asuastreetteam@gmail.com. (See attached for Spring Fling Street Team Description)

Link to apply: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VHKJQhvodYr1GDDF2PwQ6_vN5l3nsWUmCapCrxKF7EQ/edit?usp=sharing


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5. Southern Arizona Gender Alliance Position



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6. AWARDSS Project


7. Spring 2018 Congressional Office Internship

Congressman Grijalva Now Accepting Applications for Spring 2018 Internships
Washington, D.C. – Congressman Raúl M. Grijalva is accepting internship applications for the Spring of 2018 in Washington, D.C. and his various Southern Arizona district offices.
***The deadline to apply for these positions is Monday, November 27th***
In Washington
In the D.C. Congressional Office, interns work closely with legislative and press staff, conduct legislative outreach and research, answer office phones, distribute mail, communicate with constituents, and may have the opportunity to assist with activities in the U.S. House Natural Resources Committee.  In the Natural Resources Committee, interns assist committee staff with administrative support, conducting legislative research, compiling data, and drafting correspondence. In addition, interns in both offices may attend committee hearings, briefings, and meetings.

Preference is given to students and individuals from Arizona’s 3rd Congressional District, although all qualified applicants are carefully considered. Interns are unpaid and are responsible for lodging and transportation. Applicants are highly encouraged to explore scholarship opportunities that may be offered through their respective institutions or by other programs.
Anyone interested in working in the D.C. Congressional office should submit a cover letter, resume, and a one-page writing sample to Cristina Villa, Rep. Grijalva’s Internship Coordinator, at Cristina.Villa@mail.house.gov. Those seeking to apply directly with the U.S. Natural Resources Committee should indicate this in their application. 

In Tucson, Somerton & Avondale
Interns at district offices assist staff with a variety of tasks, including day-to-day office work such as answering phones, greeting constituents, writing letters and other administrative tasks. In addition, interns may help with long-term projects including constituent casework requests and projects of importance for the 3rd Congressional District. Internships for the Tucson, Somerton, and Avondale offices are available at the beginning of each semester. There is no hard application deadline, but early submissions may receive priority.

Tucson District Office –  For casework positions please submit a casework application form, cover letter, resume, and a short writing sample to Alexandra Martinez at Alexandra.Martinez@mail.house.gov.   
Tucson District Office –  For community outreach positions please submit an outreach application form, cover letter, resume, and a short writing sample to Cassandra Becerra at Cassandra.Becerra@mail.house.gov. Please click here for more information about the outreach internship position. 
Somerton District Office – Submit an application form, cover letter, resume, and a short writing sample to Martha Garcia at Martha.Garcia@mail.house.gov.
Avondale District Office – Submit an application form, cover letter, resume and a short writing sample to Jennifer Papworth at Jennifer.Papworth@mail.house.gov.
Internship application deadlines and program dates:

§ Application Deadlines:

§ 2018 Spring: November 27, 2017

§ 2018 Summer: March 14, 2018

§ 2018 Fall: June 27, 2018


§ Internship Program Dates:

§ Spring: January - May

§ Summer: May - August

§ Fall: September - December





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1. Cambridge Survey on Gender Minority Adults

We are researchers at the Gender Development Research Centre, the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. We are now recruiting gender minority adults and cisgender adults (aged 18 years or above) to participate in an online survey looking at social adjustment and psychological well-being of gender minorities. We hope to learn more about similarities and differences between different groups and how things can be improved for gender minorities. This survey will take at least 20 minutes and all participants will be entered into a prize draw.

    In our survey, gender minorities are broadly defined as individuals whose gender identity and/or expression do not conform to the norms for the individuals’ sex/gender assigned at birth (e.g., individuals with gender dysphoria, transgender individuals, agender individuals, individuals with non-binary gender identities, and etc). Cisgenders refer to individuals whose gender identity matches the sex they were assigned at birth.

    As part of the recruitment, we are contacting directors and/or administrative officers of societies/groups/organisations offering support and services to gender minority adults. We would be very grateful, if you could kindly consider helping us to circulate the survey web link below via mailing lists, social media, and other ways that you see fit. Potential participants will find more information about the online survey by clicking at the web link.

    Our study is approved by the Cambridge Psychology Research Ethics Committee. The IRB reference number for the study is PRE.2017.013. If you need further information or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Your help would be highly appreciated! Please let us know what you think.

    Link to the online survey: https://cambridge.eu.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_892KcggkNIgoSI5


2. Online Dating Preference

"I am an undergraduate Psychology student currently conducting research on Online Dating Preferences. I am looking for differences between heterosexual, homosexual, and bisexual males and females.The survey is quick and short and should take no longer than 2 minutes. Also, the respondents will remain completely anonymous."