2008 Needs Assessment Survey

Needs Assessment Survey for UA LGBTQ and Allied Students, Staff, and Faculty Results

The University Of Arizona Office of LGBTQ Affairs distributed a Needs Assessment Survey to assess the interests of the campus community to assist planning.

Between February 2008 and May 2008, 317 people responded to the survey. The survey was distributed through LGBT campus listservs, through Wingspan’s listserv, and through an article written by UA News that featured the survey.

Survey Results

1. Who completed the survey?

  Response Rate Response Count
UA Faculty
UA Staff 24.4% 77
UA appointed professional 10.1% 32
UA undergraduate student 31.6% 100
UA graduate student 18.0% 57
UA alumnus
Parent of UA student .9% 3
Community collaborator with UA


2. What was the race/ethnicity of respondents?

  Response Rate Response Count
Asian/Pacific American
Black/African American .6% 2
Hispanic/Latino 16.2% 51
Native American/American Indian 1.0% 3

3. What was the Sex/Gender of respondents?

  Response Rate Response Count
Transgender 1.6% 5
Male 40.9% 128
FtM (female to male) 1.3% 4
MtF (male to female) .3% 1

4. What was the Sexual Orientation of respondents?

  Response Rate Response Count
Lesbian 24.9% 75
Gay 36.2% 109
Bisexual 12.3% 37
Straight/Heterosexual 23.9% 72
Questioning 2.3% 7
Two Spirit

21 people wrote in the word "Queer"

5. Respondents were asked if they identify as "LGBTQ" how "out" they are on campus as being lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or questioning. 

  Response Percent Response Count
I'm completely 'out' to everyone
I'm 'out' to selected friends, classmates and co-workers 29.8% 72
I'm not 'out' to anyone 5.4% 13

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6. Respondents were asked, "If you are currently a member of the UA LGBTQ campus community, what events/programs below interest you?" (Respondents were provided with 40 program ideas)

The top ten responses were

  Response Percent
LGBTQ History Classes 49.2%
Hate/Bias Incident Reporting & Support 47.7%
Arts & Cultural - making art, events, field trips 46.2%
SafeZONE 44.2%
OUT on the Job (career services series of 'out' professionals sharing their stories 42.1%
Coming Out group 40.1%
Roommate Connections (connecting incoming LGBTQ Resident Life students) 40.1%
Mentor Program (connecting current students to new and transfer students) 37.6%
Activism Group 37.6%
Outreach to high school Gay Straight Alliances (GSAs) 36.5%

7. Respondents were asked, "If you are currently an LGBTQ student who lives in a residence hall or have in the past five (5) years, would you support a Hall that is specifically for the LGBTQ community?"

  Response Percent Response Count
Yes 39.4% 26
No 30.3% 20
I'm not sure 30.3% 20

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8. Respondents were asked, "As a member of the campus LGBTQ community, how easy/comfortable is it to become involved with the LGBTQ groups and organizations on campus?"

  Response Percent Response Count
Very Easy
Moderately 59.0% 111
Not at all 14.4% 27

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9. Respondents were asked, "Please provide any suggestions you have for improving the experiences of LGBTQ people on campus."

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10. Respondents were asked, "For Straight Allies - What are your programming and event ideas for Ally involvement?"

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